Magnomatics Limited

Magnomatics is a high technology company that is developing and manufacturing products for global industries based on its proprietary ground-breaking magnetic gear technology. Production gears are now in operation in a critical down borehole oil and gas application where the torque fuse inherent in a magnetic gear improves system life.

Magnomatics have developed two derivative products based on magnetic gears, the Pseudo Direct Drive PDD® and MAGSPLIT®. The PDD is a high-torque low-speed motor/generator highly suited to actuation, rail traction, marine propulsion and wind power. MAGSPLIT is a power-split continuously variable transmission, particularly suited to blended hybrid power trains. MAGSPLIT will also filter torsional vibrations.

PDD® motors and generators overcome the torque limitations of conventional direct drive electrical machines, without the disadvantages of mechanically geared systems, by integrating a non-contact passive magnetic gear within a permanent magnet brushless machine.

The company is active in many market sectors, including hybrid and electric vehicles, renewables, marine propulsion, aerospace, rail, and oil & gas.

Magnomatics was established in 2006 as a spin-out from the University of Sheffield to commercialise ground-breaking research on magnetic transmission systems. The company maintains strong links with the University and now sponsors new researchers within the Electrical Machines & Drives research group.

Magnomatics is proud to be part of the IP Group and is registered with Made in Sheffield.